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Discover a new place for your senses... HISTORICAL MANOR HOUSE. SON NICOLAU.
  espacio abacanto
espacio abacanto
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espacio abacanto
The pleasure of drinking in Abacanto...

The sheer scale and beauty of the Estate first attracted the present owners of Abacanto to restore the Villa. The painstaking restorations of the structure, various terraces and gardens of the villa were completed after a period of four years.

The magnificent estate of Son Nicolau has been restored to its former glory, preserving one of Mallorca’s architectural jewels. The grand surroundings make Abacanto a truly picturesque environment.

Each area and every hall has been given distinctive and unique touches creating diversity between the different settings in the mansion. Antique classical furniture is combined with striking effect with objects of a more modern design.

The aim is to overpower the visitors’ senses so that he or she is given the impression of attending a grand party thrown by the host in their private grounds. It truly is an occasion, everywhere decorated with garlands, flowers and illuminated by candle-light, creating a truly grandeur atmosphere of wealth intensified by the classical music. Further more, it is the use of fruit as decoration to create an eye-catching experience, which, along with the flowers, antiques and other classical paintings resembles living artwork. The natural fruits perfume the air with their scent, the same fresh fruit is then liquidized and forms the principle ingredients of our cocktails. Which are a perfect accompaniment to a stroll around the house on the terraces and through the grounds enjoying the art, paintings, sculptures and statues, but it is in the garden amongst the fountains, fruits and flowers provided by mother-nature that symbolizes Mediterranean culture; Art and generous nature.

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